Exploring Your Issue

From background videos to skill-building activity sheets, Scholastic Art offers a wealth of teaching resources to help you meet your most important instructional goals.

With each subscription, you get:

Print and Digital Editions

Your subscription includes six print magazines sent to your classroom throughout the school year plus access to the digital versions at art.scholastic.com.

Digital Resource Guide

Each issue of Scholastic Art includes two Digital Resource Guides with helpful tools for teaching with the magazine in your classroom: one for students in grades 4-6 and one for students in grades 7-12. Each set of lesson plans is tailored to its grade level to supplement the feature articles. Here’s where you can download each Digital Resource Guide for the entire issue.

Skill-Building Activity Sheets

Reinforce skills with our standards-aligned skills sheets, which provide a variety of support for different learners. They are easy to print or assign through Google Classroom or other learning management systems. For more information about skills sheets, click here

Google Quizzes

In addition to regular skills sheets, Scholastic Art also includes pre-made Google Quizzes that can be shared directly with your students in Google Classroom. To learn more about using Google Quizzes, click here.

Answer Key

You can find an answer key for all skills sheets here.

Studio Projects

Each issue features a secondary-level hands-on project inviting students to experiment with techniques explored in the issue. The Digital Resource Guide for grades 4-6 features two elementary-level hands-on projects related to the concepts covered in the issue.

Leveled Texts

Every feature article in Scholastic Art is available at two reading levels (grades 4-6 and grades 7-12). Select the article that you want to read. If it’s a feature article, the multiple reading levels will appear in the toolbar on the left. Choose the preferred level. The text-to-speech tool can also be used to read either level aloud. To learn more, click here.

Background Videos

Instantly capture students’ attention with engaging, ad-free videos that include the option for closed-captioning. Background videos make great pre-reading activities for building essential knowledge on topics covered in the magazine.


Scholastic Art supports national visual and language arts standards, including the 2014 National Core Arts Standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Standards, Florida Visual Arts Standards, and Common Core State Standards for reading, writing and speaking and listening. For more information, click here. And refer to the Digital Resource Guide for specific standards covered in each issue.