Explaining Our Skills Sheets

Explaining Our Skills Sheets

Your subscription to Scholastic Art comes with powerful teaching resources, including skill-building activity sheets. These activities build art knowledge and English language arts skills.

Here’s where you can download all skills sheets for the entire issue:

Types of Skills Sheets:

Reading Comprehension

Each issue of Scholastic Art includes a reading comprehension quiz, available at both reading levels. The on-level skills sheet features an interactive multiple-choice Google quiz.


A summarization skills sheet accompanies the feature story with each lower-level Digital Resource Guide.

Visual Vocabulary or Sketchbook Starters

Included at both reading levels, these skills sheets may include reference sheets with art vocabulary terms featured in Scholastic Art, or they may ask students to create sketches based on prompts related to the issue. 

Great Art Jobs

In these lower-level skills sheets, students analyze the career of someone featured in the magazine.

What I Learned

These lower-level skills sheets feature close-reading graphic organizers for examining what students learned in the Scholastic Art feature articles.


The Debate skills sheet asks students to evaluate both sides of the debate featured in Scholastic Art.

Graphic Organizers

Scholastic Art issues include graphic organizers for feature articles, which provide students with different ways to organize important content from an article.


A compiled list of all the new art vocabulary words and definitions in an issue of Scholastic Art.

Artist Statement

After students complete the 7-12 hands-on project, assign this skills sheet to each participant to encourage them to take their project a step further and think about their working process.