It’s a hot summer day. You step outside into the blazing sun and a familiar jingle greets you. Your local ice cream truck cruises down the street, playing the usual cheerful tune. Your mouth waters, your eyes light up, and your stomach growls. Artist Betsy Enzensberger (EN-sens-bur-gur) is fascinated with capturing this summer nostalgia.

The Los Angeles artist makes realistic sculptures of melting summer treats. She hand-sculpts resin into the memorable textures of creamy swirls and crisp cones. Then she lets the resin dry into delicious-looking sculptures. Sometimes she sculpts a dropped—but still enticing—summer dessert. The work above is about the same size as a real ice cream cone. “The resin itself is a huge inspiration,” Enzensberger says. “It’s so beautiful that I want to eat it, which is how my sweet sculptures came about.”