Dutch artist Leon Keer is known for his murals that trick the eye. Using only paint on flat surfaces, Keer creates startling optical illusions that appear three-dimensional. His mural Shattering, below, in Helsingborg, Sweden, depicts a tipping stack of teacups. The artist captures some of the challenges the planet faces today in the teacup designs. Each teacup features a different “doomsday scenario.” On the blue cup, Keer paints a scene showing melting glaciers. Keer worked with developers to create a smartphone app that uses AR technology—short for augmented reality—to bring the mural to life. When viewers look at the mural through the app on a smart device, an animation plays. It shows the teacups toppling out of the mural. Keer hopes to convey that “life can be turned upside down in an instant.”