Images courtesy of Nancy Hoover.

Patterns That Pop

Use what you’ve learned about motifs to design an artwork

Studio Project Prompt:

Develop a composition that features a repeating pattern.


  • Look for patterns in nature and human-made motifs. Use them for inspiration.
  • Make a few sketches to organize your ideas and composition. You could also work digitally or take photographs to document the patterns you find.
  • Use color to emphasize the pattern. Try working with complementary and analogous colors. Which combination makes your pattern pop?
  • Play with the scale of the patterns.
  • Try working in a variety of media.

Experiment at Home:

  • Use patterns in found materials at home. These might include magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes, or old fabric scraps.
  • Build a composition using these found patterns.

Before you begin, check out these examples by Nancy Hoover’s students at The Girls’ School of Austin in Austin, Texas!

Images courtesy of Nancy Hoover, The Girls' School of Austin, Austin, Texas.

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