Using the Archive

Need resources on a specific skill? Want to reread one of your favorite stories? Use the easy-to-search archive to find issues, articles, skills sheets, videos, posters, and other online resources from the current and previous school years.

How to Browse Current and Past Issues

From the top of any Scholastic Art page, click “All Issues.” From there, you can scroll to find all available issues. Click on the magazine cover image or date to access that issue’s online resources.

How to Search by Keyword

Looking for something specific? Use the search bar at the top right of any Scholastic Art page. Then use the left-hand menu to filter results by type (article, video, etc.) or by subject. You can also sort by relevance, date published, or title.

How to Use Art on Demand

Need background information, research prompts, or technical details about an art material or technique? Click Art on Demand at the top of any Scholastic Art page. You can also find articles from this resource using the search bar.