Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk around inside a painting by Vincent van Gogh? Now fans can experience the artist’s work by literally stepping inside. Immersive Van Gogh exhibitions, like the ones shown above and below, at venues in more than 50 cities have taken the world by storm this year. 

People know Van Gogh’s paintings for their bright color palettes and dramatic brushstrokes. In spaces like the ones shown here, the artist’s iconic paintings are transformed into animations projected onto the walls and floor. A musical score plays while viewers explore the artist’s signature skies and fields. Visitors might also catch a whiff of an aroma, like cypress, cedar, or lemon, wafting through the rooms. At some exhibits, people can even wear a virtual reality headset that takes them through a day in the life of Van Gogh.

All these effects culminate in unique, multisensory experiences. With the use of digital technology, people can get lost in Van Gogh’s paintings like never before.