New York City-based muralist Dasic Fernández partnered with architect Juan Carlos López to transform one of the most iconic streets in Santiago, Chile. The pair created a 35,500-square-foot mural that stretches across almost four blocks near the city’s main square.

When city officials closed the street to traffic during the construction of a new train line, part of the road became a pedestrian promenade. That’s when Fernández and López began developing Paseo BanderaFlag Walk in English—a project that fuses art and architecture in an urban space.

Fernández and López commissioned 20 local and Latin American muralists to paint the street. Each artist looked to Chilean history and culture for inspiration. “It was a true visual choreography,” Fernández says.

At the end of 2018, officials at the Chilean Ministry of Transport will decide whether to preserve the pedestrian-friendly space or to reopen the street to vehicles.