How does Habiba use distortion, color, and shape (left)? How does Katie use cropping in this painting (center)? Camryn paints overlapping figures in motion to create a dynamic scene (right).

Farah Nosh

Compose the Figure

Use what you’ve learned about proportion to render a portrait

Studio Project Prompt:

Explore proportion by developing a composition featuring figures and faces.


  • Use the canon of proportion as a foundation. Carefully observe your subject to create an accurate likeness.
  • Make intentional choices about using exaggeration, distortion, or simplification.
  • Include more than one face or figure in your final composition.
  • Work in any two-dimensional media.

Before you begin, check out the examples above by the students at South Kamloops Secondary School in British Columbia in Canada!

Prepared by: Lisa Yamaoka - South Kamloops Secondary School; Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

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