How does each student visually communicate?

Photography by Inti St. Clair.

Expression Through Emoji

Use what you’ve learned about working with visual communication to create a self-portrait and a related emoji

Studio Project Prompt:

Create a realistic self-portrait that visually communicates an emotion or mood. Then create an emoji based on your self-portrait that expresses the same emotion or mood.


  • Work like an artist to create your realistic self-portrait: Be expressive and add details to help convey your chosen mood.
  • Think like a designer to develop an emoji based on your self-portrait: Include only what is necessary to communicate your mood.
  • Experiment with scale and materials.
  • Use color to emphasize your chosen mood.

Before you begin, check out these examples by the students at The Girls’ School of Austin in Austin, Texas!

Prepared by: Nancy Hoover, The Girls’ School of Austin, Austin, Texas

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