Giant blank canvases rumble past us every day, but it takes a special eye to even notice they are there. Jaime Colsa, CEO of a Spanish trucking company, recently realized that his fleet of tractor-trailers and box trucks could become traveling venues to display art. Colsa, an avid art collector, partnered with a gallery in Madrid for the project. The team invited several contemporary Spanish artists to paint massive trucks with original murals. 

Okuda San Miguel, the artist who painted the truck above, is a street artist who also makes small-scale works in his studio. He uses bright colors and geometric shapes, which make the murals look three-dimensional. Okuda explains that the three faces looking out of this mural observe the people they pass on the streets of Spain. 

Okuda was especially interested in this project because his work will always be traveling. Ten painted trucks began their journeys in February, with more planned for the future. Colsa’s goal is to eventually have 100 of these rolling works of art navigating Spanish highways.