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Thomas Dambo’s giants interact with the environment where they are installed.
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Thomas Dambo thomasdambo.com
Dambo used recycled wood for his monumental works.
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Thomas Dambo thomasdambo.com
The sculptures all have friendly expressions.
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Thomas Dambo thomasdambo.com
A Giant Adventure
A Danish artist combines sculpture and treasure hunting

Paul Cates | for Scholastic Art

There are giants lurking in Denmark’s woods, but no need to worry. They are works of art by Danish sculptor Thomas Dambo. These great wooden beasts take art out of the museum and put it in the wild. A series of clues marked on each sculpture direct visitors to the next artwork, making finding the works part of the experience.

Working Big

For this series, titled The 6 Forgotten Giants, Dambo constructed six figures. The artist and his team created each giant using recycled wood. Scraps and cast-offs were combined with construction materials, pallets, and even an old windmill to craft the characters’ unique looks.

Dambo designed the towering figures with large expressive eyes and gentle features that make them more welcoming than fearsome. Each one interacts with the environment where it’s installed. The giants hide behind trees or recline under bridges, and one sneaks a nap in a forest clearing.

Interactive Art

Dambo put his sculptures in Copenhagen’s woods in the hopes of allowing visitors to experience more than just his work. Near each sculpture, he included poetic clues that provide coded directions to the next giant’s location. Through this scavenger hunt, the artist encourages viewers to explore the natural surroundings as they search for the giants.